from the surface to the ocean trenches 

calm at any depth

with the wave or against the current 

calm at any depth

pushing through the breakers or riding the waves

calm at any depth

"We received quality support in ensuring that we were on the right side of all legal aspects."

- Matilda Waara Holmqvist, Head of Marketing GLOBHE Drones
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“Synch is the great combination of strict knowledge and a relaxed approach.”

- Stefan Danieli, CEO Goodbye Kansas Group
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"Synch is pragmatic and fast, without sacrificing doing the right thing."

- Johan Wiström, CFO & Co-Founder Tracklib
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"It feels safe knowing that Synch is just a phone call away." 

- Matthew Wilkinson, CEO Magine Pro
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“Synch is used to working with start-ups and extensively in tech.”

- Stina Åkesson, Vice President Finance Howwe
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“Synch offers great value with a high level of quality.”

- Allen Mohammadi, CEO & Co-Founder PlasticFri
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"Synch knows privacy, it's that simple."

- Jesper Alwall, General Counsel IFS
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From start to exit and beyond 

With true passion and dedication we help our clients on their entire journey.
offers plant-based and eco-friendly products for replacing plastics.
The vision is to build a global network of B2B demand, growth and sales intelligence, and make it available through products that unite customer value and innovation.
Enabling direct payments internationally, targeting B2B customers, using a private blockchain.
An innovative platform that makes it possible for anyone to create and participate in esport competitions.
Providing image data from freelance drone pilots. Customers and suppliers are able to meet through the platform and crowdrone.
Using software Howwe, helps companies proactively accelerate their strategies based on the company's most important goal (MIG).
Goodbye Kansas Group
Specialising in technology and visualisation the company is divided into three business areas: Visual Content & Brand,  IP & Products and Games & Apps.
The world's most downloaded app in the Microsoft Office system helps companies manage their digital communication elements.
A fast-growing innovation company that uses AI to streamline public procurement.
Makes it easy and legal to sample original music.
Magine Pro
Magine Pro is a company that delivers creative solutions to provide audiences around the world with great solutions for streaming within technology.
With greater requirements for routines and processes for secure handling of personal data, stricter rules, and a completely different way of working for IFS was initiated.
Developing a reactor for manufacturing semiconductors
Graphmatech AB
Developer and producer of graphene-based composite materials for storage & transportation of hydrogen, additive manufacturing and battery materials


Legal services that take your business further.
From the very first steps of a start-up to entrepreneur driven companies and established enterprises.
A solid legal foundation is a key component to continuous business success in any commercial enterprise.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual property is a key asset in many commercial activities. It deserves to be protected at every level.
It is easy to get lost in regulatory constraints. We help you to convert them into new business opportunities.
Dispute resolution
Precaution will avoid most disputes, but when you are immersed in a legal battle, we will provide necessary shields.
Employees are key assets and the human link between your customers and the company.
Capital markets
We guide companies every day in the various aspects of being listed
By Tristan Eaton

Digital Services

Makes your business more efficient.
WeSynch Contract
Does your company own its trademark?
WeSynch Corporate
Are you struggling with keeping corporate documentation in order?
WeSynch Early Stage Review
Synch’s product Early Stage Review, is a packaged due diligence service for investors or  early stage companies.
WeSynch Incentive Programmes
Off-the-shelf or haute couture
WeSynch Enroll Sweden
Enroll sweden is a great solution when you want to set up a business in sweden
Wesynch Deal
Manage your project efficiently with virtual data room support.

WeSynch Whistle
WeSynch Whistle is a whistleblowing service where Synch acts as the case manager
WeSynch DPO
Ensure that your organisation processes the personal data of your staff, customers, providers