Goodbye Kansas Group: "Synch has a vast extent of in-house competencies and always provides fast and accurate feedback"

At the time of the merger between Goodbye Kansas Holding and Bublar Group, the law firm Synch was the sounding board and a safe partner. The firm's expertise in innovation and technology, in combination with a modernly designed range of services, was a perfect match. Along with the many skilled and competent lawyers, Goodbye Kansas Group envisions Synch as a palpable partner for the company.

Peter Levin is the President and CEO of Goodbye Kansas Group, a technology-driven visualisation company that creates visual content for gaming, film and streaming companies. Last May, the company, including their two subsidiaries, merged with Bublar Group, a mobile games, AR and VR company.

In January 2021, Peter Levin joined the team as new CEO of the merged company. Peter previously founded, and was CEO of Goodbye Kansas Holding with Goodbye Kansas Studio. He has extensive experience of leading and developing companies in VFX, animation and game development.

“I have been active in the gaming and film industry for 30 years. I have been CEO of Electronic Arts in the Nordics, co-founded the industry organisation Dataspelsbranschen, and more. During the last decade, I have been particularly interested in VFX, i.e. visual effects and animation.”

How would you describe Goodbye Kansas Group's business, your vision and what you do?

“We specialise in technology and visualisation and we are divided into three business areas. The first area is Visual Content & Brand. This area, in which Goodbye Kansas Studio Group is included, creates visual effects, digital animation and mocap. Most of the company's employees are also there and the operations are located in several countries. The second area, IP & Products, includes film and television production, as well as AR and VR. In our third business area, Games & Apps, we develop games and apps,” says Peter, and continues.

“Our vision is to combine and ensure synergistic effects between our three business areas. This means that through our global Studio operations, we can create a strong position in the markets. We can do this by developing our own rights for film, TV and mobile games, and products with scalable income. Our breadth gives us a unique and exciting business, and the ability to have a higher profitability.”

How did you first get in touch with Synch and how long have you had your collaboration?

“It was the combination of their expertise in innovation and technology, and that we understood that it was a modernly designed law firm with many skilled and competent lawyers, which made the Synch the obvious choice. Our collaboration began in February 2020, when Synch represented us and acted as our lawyers when we joined the Bublar Group. It was an intensive process, during which we gained a great deal of trust in them as advisors."

During the merger with Bublar Group, Peter especially appreciated that the firm's lawyers were present by their side and assisted them with all legal issues that arose.

“They helped us with all parts of the transactions from our perspective, our ambitions and thoughts, and took advantage of our interests in relation to Bublar Group. In all parts, they were present as a sounding board that we could turn to for questions regarding how the business should be structured, review of legal documents and agreements, and guided us through the transaction.”

In addition to the acquisition, which took a total of four months, Synch continues to be their go-to advisor, mainly for legal issues. The collaboration is still appreciated.

In your opinion, what are Synch's main strengths?

“Synch has a vast extent of in-house competencies, which made us feel secure to turn to them in the first place. We always receive fast and accurate feedback from them. If they do not have the expertise in an individual case, they always make sure to guide us in the right direction, and connect us with someone who can complement the team.”

Peter has seen many positive results from the collaboration, both in the short and long-term. Synch is envisioned as an invaluable partner for Goodbye Kansas Group for a long time to come.

“We always try to ensure that collaborations are long-term. In connection with the fact that we feel so satisfied with Synch, we have formally decided to let them become one of our two closest partners on the legal side.”

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