“Synch is the great combination of strict knowledge and a relaxed approach. Not every law firm is able to pull that off”

During the merger between Bublar Group and Goodbye Kansas Holding, Synch law firm served as the sounding board and a safe partner. Innovation and technology expertise of the firm made them a perfect fit to the case. Along with the many skilled and competent lawyers, Goodbye Kansas Group envisions Synch as a palpable partner, today they’re representing the entire legal department of the company.

Goodbye Kansas Group is a technology-driven visualization company that primarily creates visual content for gaming, film and streaming companies. In May 2020, the company, including its two subsidiaries, merged with Bublar Group, a mobile games, AR and VR company. Synch represented the company as their lawyers in the collaboration and in addition to the acquisition that took a total of four months, Synch continues to be their go-to advisor.

Goodbye Kansas Group’s mission is to deliver the best possible experience to their viewers

In his role as CEO of Goodbye Kansas Group, Stefan Danieli is responsible for the companies within the group. In addition to his background as a finance executive and his own freelance consulting business, he has experience from the film and television industries, as well as retail. A wide range of knowledge that has given him a unique perspective on how to combine being corporate in a creative business such as the media industry.

“The movie business along with retail is a lot about creating beautiful things, it could be about great clothing, the best show, or in our case the best special effects. Our vision is to create the best digital content to be able to deliver the best experience to the viewer, no matter if it is a game or a movie or a tv-series", Stefan says.

Goodbye Kansas Group specializes in technology and visualization and creates visual effects, digital animation and digital humans. The company operates in several countries to create a strong position in the market and is a result of the merger with Bublar Group where Synch got to help out with all parts of the transactions.

The collaboration with Synch began with an acquisition, today they represent the legal department of the company

“It was their competence and knowledge along with their experience in our business that made Synch a great choice for us. Their presence served as a sounding board that helped us with questions regarding the business structure, reviewed legal documents and agreements, and guided us through the transaction. It was such a great match, today Synch is an even bigger part of us representing our legal department.”, Stefan says.

Goodbye Kansas Group used to have its own legal department in-house but during the autumn 2022 they decided to make Synch even more involved in the company.

“Today Synch is certainly helping us across a wide range of areas. We had to deal with new issues of shares this year with a lot to keep in mind as a public company, and Synch has been our legal advisor in matters of company law. In general, there are a lot of IP-related and contractual issues in our business, both linked to customer agreements but also regarding agreements with freelancers and suppliers. Synch helps ensure that our contracts are up to date and in our annual general meeting coming up soon they are participating as moderators.” Stefan says.

“Our relationship with them is uncomplicated and contributes to a well-working cooperation”

Stefan mentions a great relationship as a helpful and important asset when it comes to handling legal advice. Their successful collaboration with Synch is in large part due to this, he believes.

“I think it’s an important aspect to be able to establish a good chemistry with the team you work with. This shows throughout our company. Synch makes it so easy when we encounter situations with time pressure or complicated components, but thanks to that great relationship, it works out. Having said that, we value and appreciate their work and the advice they provide us with. It is clear that Synch has great experience in all these different areas of our field, we feel that we can call anyone at Synch and it won’t matter if we speak with a junior or senior lawyer. Our relationship with them is uncomplicated and contributes to a well-working cooperation.”

In your opinion, what are Synch's main strengths?

“Their ability to be personal while being professional within a formal context. I have met many law firms, and it should be said that it’s so important that things are done correctly and smoothly when it comes to handling legal matters, but Synch is a great combination of strict knowledge and a relaxed approach. Not every law firm is able to pull that off, I would definitely recommend working with Synch.”

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