For its ground-breaking work, the company has been named “Impact company of the year in Nordics and Baltics” and awarded as the “World’s Most Innovative Sustainability Startup” among 1400 companies worldwide!”

The two innovators Allen and Max, who are brothers, founded the company PlasticFri. The company’s mission is to end the plastic pollution catastrophe. PlasticFri offers plant-based and eco-friendly products for replacing plastics.

The history behind the idea was originated during the brothers childhood. Every time Max and Allen were out in the nature, they were told by their parents to pick up some garbage before they could play. This has later become a habit that Max and Allen is still practising.

As adults, they realized that these small-scale efforts were not enough. Most of the garbage they found was plastic waste and it never stopped accumulating.
They started to investigate the opportunity to develop a new alternative to plastic that could replace plastic in product applications.

The project started for more than a decade ago, but only as a side project. Later on they began seeking a more scalable solution. In 2018 they had a breakthrough and succeeded with core technology and promising results beyond the lab. By that time PlasticFri was officially registered as a company.

They continued their research and development by working with a wide range of stakeholders, partners, suppliers and customers to drive the mission of PlasticFri.

Allen and Max, being visionaries, innovators and serial entrepreneurs, have been recognized several times among Sweden ́s most powerful leaders in sustainability as well as being selected by Forbes magazine as the top 30 most influential entrepreneurs and featured in the prestigious “Forbes 30 under 30”.

What has been the best thing about your collaboration with Synch?

“Synch offers great value with a high level of quality. I highly recommend Synch to every company regardless of their size. We have enjoyed working with the Synch team and looking forward to a long term collaboration. ” says CEO and co-founder Allen Mohammadi.

Companyname: PlasticFri

Title: CEO & Co-founder                    

Thecompany's operations: Global

Howlong have you worked with Synch: Since 2020

Whatyou bought: Legalservices

WhySynch?: High quality, Efficient and Competent. Great service and greater people

Thecompany's vision: Replacing 1 billion plastic products by 2026

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