The choice of Synch felt obvious: "They have a great flexibility and understanding of our business"

With Synch, Albacross gained a partner to help them grow and scale-up their business. Thanks to their efficient and responsive approach, in combination with in-depth legal expertise, the firm is seen as a long-term partner.

“They are efficient, helpful and can grow with us. In all respects, it has made it easier to have a strong legal partner. For us, it has increased efficiency, our ability to handle problems and we have been able to get help with things we ourselves do not have the competence to handle.”

Wants to build the B2B of the future

Victor Ekelund is the CEO and co-founder of Albacross. At its roots, the company is a technology company that delivers business-to-business solutions through SaaS - software as a service. The customer base consists primarily of international customers in Europe and North America.

“Our product is quite complex and technical. We mainly target other fast-growing tech and software companies, SaaS companies, fintech companies, and companies in manufacturing and industry,” says Victor Ekelund.

Albacross's vision is to build a global network of B2B demand, growth and sales intelligence, and make it available through products that unite customer value and innovation.

“B2B is becoming more digital, and it is still a very complex field. By knowing and understanding what the buyer's and seller's intentions are, you can create a more efficient and meaningful market for both. We believe this is the future in order to be able to work as globally as we do today,” explains Victor.

Scale together

He says that the collaboration with Synch extends about five years back in time.

“The choice of Synch felt obvious. This was mainly based on the fact that they have a great deal of flexibility and understanding of our business. Not least, they felt very affordable.”

Albacross initially contacted Synch for help with shareholder agreements and questions about employment agreements. However, as time went on, and as Albacross scaled up its operations, the collaboration deepened.

“We have always had a good relationship with Synch, and when we needed more help, they were always close at hand. Therefore, it felt natural to have them onboard when we needed to scale-up our business, which led to a greater amount of legal issues.”

A strong legal partner

It was especially in connection with the business raising more capital, that the need for Synch's legal expertise increased, he explains.

“When we brought in more serious money, we needed more assistance in negotiations, agreements with customers and partners, and questions related to GDPR.”

Victor sees many positive results from the collaboration, and sees Synch as a long-term partner with Albacross. Mainly because they are fast, responsive and have in-depth, legal expertise.

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