"Synch is a perfect legal partner for start-ups because they are very flexible and agile"

Esports are growing like crazy! Esports had a turnover of just under SEK 10 billion, and over half a billion regular viewers in 2020. Robel Efrem is the founder and CEO of Challengermode, the Swedish contender that aims to become the dominant operating system for all esports.

Challengermode is a platform that makes it possible for anyone to create and participate in esport competitions. One of the founders, Robel Efrem, has a long experience as an entrepreneur, and founded his first company as a 21-year-old - a digitisation platform for streaming lectures. In 2014, he started Challangermode together with co-founder Filip Skogsberg.

“We are both passionate about esports, and when we founded Challengermode, we began by recruiting talented individuals from KTH Innovation. With Challengermode, we want to create the dominant operating system for all esports globally, and on all platforms. In total, we have raised approximately $20 million in venture capital, and in the coming years, growth and expansion are major focus areas for us.”

“I hope that there will be a continued, solid collaboration with Synch, in which they can assist us in the various challenges of tomorrow.”

Challengermode has been working with Synch for a year now; a collaboration that was initiated by Challengermode's CFO. Robel has been especially impressed by Synch’s quick response time, and their savviness in working with start-ups.

“There is a lot in tech that is new. Just like in any fast-growing company, you need to have a reliable legal partner who can do what is needed when it’s needed, and often at short notice. Synch has agreed to all these criteria for us. They always do more than expected, and they are very knowledgeable on an individual level. In addition, they are skilled at thinking outside the box. This is especially important, as we are in a relatively new market where you often need to think a little differently and build structures from scratch.”

Perfect match for start-up companies

With Robel's entrepreneurial background, he has been in contact with other lawyers and agencies over the years. He sees that there is a clear difference between Synch and other more traditional agencies.

“Synch is a perfect legal partner for start-ups because they are very flexible and agile. Above all, the turnaround we get from Synch is very good, and it is noticeable that they are very used to working with digitally forward-leaning companies. I hope that we will continue our successful collaboration, so that they may assist us in tomorrow's various challenges.”

Company name: Challengermode

Title: Founder and CEO

The company's operations: E-sports

How long have you worked with Synch: One year

What you bought: Ongoing legal help with agreements

Why Synch? Good and fast turnaround

The company's vision: Become the dominant operating system for electronic sports

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