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In the past few years we’ve seen an uptick in compliance measures in, for example, the data protection field in relation to the GDPR. While privacy is a matter that has become more important to the public, the new priority of many companies to comply is likely related also to the hefty fines imposed by the GDPR in 2018.

As of the first of September this year we see a similar change in consumer and marketing legislation. The new maximum amount of the sanctions in the Swedish Marketing Act are set to up to 4 percent of the company’s annual turnover (the same levelas the GDPR sanctions), and will definitely give the marketing legislation more of a bite.

In addition to sanctions, there are a number of amendments to the legislation, including (in short):

-  Information requirements obliging the company to provide a sufficient amount of informationin the marketing.

-  Transparency on ranking of products and individualization of prices based on algorithms.

-  Information requirements on the function of a good with digital parts of content, or adigital service as well as the compatibility and interoperability between goods with digital parts, digital content and digital services, to the extent known or reasonably expected to be known by the company.

In addition to the above, there are a number of new consumer protection rules, as well as obligations for online marketplaces.

At Synch we offer a number of services relating to marketing and consumer protection including staff education, review of your marketing, website and terms and conditions etc. to ensure that you are compliant.

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