WeSynch is a service that lets you use high quality legal tools from synch, where and when you want, at affordable prices and with great flexibility

Synch wants to make business easier and has developed WeSynch – a suite of quick, affordable and high quality digital legal tools, available through a web-based private cloud solution accessible from any device 24/7. WeSynch is for any company, regardless of size, that requires easy access to legal services, expert knowledge and smart digital support for the management of legal matters.

WeSynch is a subscription-based, fixed-fee service, allowing you to focus on your core business without having to worry about high one-time costs or being tied up in license agreements for long periods of time.

The new WeSynch team, composed by Aida and Martina, works in close contact with potential and existing clients, administrating and providing support when it comes to Synch’s digital services, making sure to follow all our clients through their journey with us.

Contact us to request a demo at wesynch@synch.law

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