Synch is Honored to Serve as Advisory Board Member for Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV!

Synch is honored to be an Advisory Board Member for Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV! Our colleague Jim Runsten has been serving as an advisor in this program since 2020, and we're proud to share that Olof Hultén joined as an advisor in 2024. 

Lighthouse MASSIV empowers social impact and sustainability-focused companies to scale through strategic partnerships. 

"I'm thrilled to be part of Mastercard Lighthouse MASSIV's Advisory Board, where we're helping advancing innovation and empowering companies for lasting social impact." - ⁠Olof Hultén

As a business-oriented law firm, innovation and technology are at the core of our mission. We're committed to bringing calm to any legal challenge, offering advisory services and technology-driven solutions. 

Join us as we leverage our passion and dedication to support small companies on their journey to global distribution through impactful partnerships.

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