Expanding our Data Protection team and making predictions for 2024

Yesterday was International Privacy Day and to highlight this, we want to share some exciting news about our Data Protection team. We would also like to take this opportunity to share the teams' predictions on the upcoming data protection year and future challenges. Keep reading for some interesting reflections on data protection matters.

First of all, we have to highlight that our Data Protection team has been more busy than ever before. During the past 12 months, we have managed to assist over 70 clients with their data protection needs, adding up to around 120 data protection-related matters. Considering what an eventful year it has been from a data protection perspective, we are proud to say that we feel more confident than ever in our abilities to support our clients in meeting their compliance requirements while enabling them to build a data protection culture.

Our high spirits come not only from a great performance by our team but also from the fact that we have expanded our team. As of now, there are nine lawyers with data protection expertise in the firm. In a fast-changing and data-driven market, and with data protection becoming a critical part of business and everyday life, we continue to boost our team with more skilled lawyers passionate about privacy issues. Down below we have gathered quotes from some of our team members on their thoughts and predictions about 2024. 

Elisavet Dravalou – “No doubt, we are experiencing an "AI fever", in the same way we had a "GDPR fever" back in 2017/8. The interplay of the GDPR and AI Act will definitely be the focus of 2024. Here at Synch, being a tech-orientated law firm, we regard the last legislative initiatives not only as a challenge to improve ourselves but also as an opportunity to provide more holistic and solid legal advice to our clients, always taking into consideration to keep the balance between the protection of individual's rights and freedoms and the commercial interests of our clients. Make no mistake, it will be an exciting year!”

Lina Person - “2024 – a year predicted to be the big AI year. With the upcoming AI Act, AI systems will either be prohibited or used under stricter requirements for transparency and supervision. GDPR will continue to apply in its current form, ensuring protection against various risks associated with AI and the processing of personal data. Consequently, the upcoming year is expected to be an interesting period, marked by dynamic interactions and interpretational challenges in implementing the AI Act within the field of data protection.”

Kristin Tell – “I am looking forward to continuing to work in the privacy team at Synch and to seeing and learning about the development of data protection and new upcoming legislation in the digital arena. There will likely be significant adjustments in several businesses and sectors in terms of the interplay between data protection and new technologies.”

Reach out to our team if you have questions regarding data protection and your business. Give us a shout on LinkedIn or find our contacts on our website. Let's talk privacy!

Written by Hugo Arrhenius

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