The DAM system, Pickit, cleans up corporate communication with global success

The world's most downloaded app in the Microsoft Office system is called Pickit. The app has millions of users, with the aim of helping companies manage their digital communication elements. The goal is to offer both the world's simplest and smartest DAM system. Mathias Björkholm, Chief Strategy Officer and one of Pickit's two founders, talks about the legal challenges he faces as an entrepreneur - and how the relationship with Synch has been built up over an entire career.

Mathias Björkholm's entrepreneurial spirit is strong. He and his co-founder and CEO of Pickit, Henrik Bergqvist, are in their sixth company together. They started their first company in 2004, and the partnership with Synch goes back just as far - the company at the time was one of Synch's first customers.

“As the entrepreneurs we are, we have always ended up at Synch with all our companies; they have been involved since the start and followed us all the way to Pickit. The greatest reason is that they have a rich understanding of the business and our challenges as entrepreneurs. In many ways, we can be demanding to work with regarding prices, deliveries and the like. However, they have always been understanding and demonstrated great flexibility for our needs, and always solution-oriented with our legal issues."

Mathias and Henrik started the Pickit web app in 2013. Since then, the success has been a fact. The app is a so-called DAM system - digital asset management system. It is primarily designed for Microsoft Office’s ecosystem of services, but is also available (and equally suitable) for similar ecosystems, such as Google's. The app functions as a library that the company has access to, regardless of which program they are using. Here, the company can manage, organise, share, and above all, integrate its "corporate assets" or digital communication elements in one place.

“The advantages are that you as a company have greater control over all visual assets used in communication. This includes everything from graphic elements and photographs, to document templates, which are often scattered and difficult to organise. With everything gathered in one place, you simplify for both your own company and your external partners, such as marketing agencies that will communicate under your brand. At the very least, it reduces the confusion that arises when visual elements are to be used."

The need for Synch's services through Pickit's progress has evolved. Over the years, we have required their help with everything from raising capital to developing agreements. In recent years, we’ve required considerable help in dealing with GDPR-related issues. Mathias has recently returned from working with the company in the US, and even there Synch has guided him through US legalities as Pickit's head office. Now back home, he describes the legal areas he sees as the company's biggest challenges, and where the collaboration with Synch has been the most beneficial.

“The biggest challenge is corporate law: articles of association, small matters at the Swedish Companies Registration Office, personnel law, and quite simply, all ongoing traditional company law. Other sizable areas are: investor transactions - as we work with several large investors, IP rights and customer agreements - as we handle photographs and similar materials, and of course we have GDPR - where we have needed a lot of support."

Depending on the company's various business phases, the collaboration with Synch has varied throughout the year. There, Mathias is once again grateful that Synch has such great insight into the business itself. They have allowed their retention to be adjusted according to fluctuations in intensity, even though the low periods can be, as he says, "quite boring" legally. Another aspect that Mathias feels Pickit has benefited from, is Synch’s expertise within IT issues, which is one of Synch's specialties.

“It's almost like working with a forward-thinking IT company; Synch has always been at the forefront when it comes to that bit. They have several really good systems that we use in our business, including a system for digitization that has made it easier for both us and our partners. It saves us time and resources, reduces our costs and increases our efficiency.”

Going forward, there are no signs that either Pickit, nor the collaboration with Synch will lose momentum. On the contrary. Pickit is on its way into an even more forward-looking phase - with its more than 10,000 corporate customers and millions of users worldwide. They are quickly gaining ground towards their vision as an industry leader. Mathias believes that Synch has provided enough evidence that they are the right partner for the continued development journey.

“The advantage of having a relationship that stretches far back, is that Synch knows us inside and out as a company, but also as individuals. They know our business, our history, our challenges - the whole shebang. Such a relationship is invaluable. To this day, they have proven that they are capable of following us all the way from the crazy start-up to becoming a global player with an international business. For Pickit's future, I see Synch as a given partner.”

Company name: Pickit

Title: Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Business: DAM system

Vision: The world's most widely used image and document management system

Worked with Synch: Since 2013

Why Synch? Flexibility, high business knowledge and strong relationship

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