When Magine Pro changed their business model almost three years ago, completely new legal challenges also arose.

Thanks to Synch's expertise in tech, the choice fell on them as a new partner - a relationship that is today described as safe and flexible. 

Magine Pro is a company that delivers creative solutions to provide audiences around the world with great solutions for streaming within technology. Matthew Wilkinson is the CEO of Magine Pro and has been with the company for almost five years.

“We work with SaaS technology to deliver various services within the streaming world and provide our customers with the technology and tools needed to launch successful video services. We deliver everything from technical platforms to comprehensive over-the-top solutions,” Matthew explains. 

When Magine Pro changed their business model in 2019, their legal needs also changed. From having a legal team in-house with cutting-edge expertise in a specific area, they instead needed a supplier with broader knowledge. One of the corporate lawyers had previously worked with Synch and recommended them, which has resulted in a close relationship today.

“We chose to start working with Synch because of their expertise and deep knowledge in tech. The transition was very smooth, and we quickly built a relationship together. Synch is just a call or email away, and we always get a quick response to our inquiries. It feels safe to know that they have a deep wealth of knowledge and that the right people with the right skills handle the right issues,” says Matthew.

“The best thing about Synch is their sense for service”

The collaboration between Magine Pro and Synch is based on a subscription agreement, with the possibility of adding services. They work both proactively and reactively with each other. Matthew explains:

“It can be anything from contracts or confidentiality agreements that need to be reviewed, to operational issues about data integrity where we get clarity on how to position ourselves. But there are also things that are not urgent, but then when we need support in reviewing and restructuring, for example for framework agreements or conditions for the SaaS service,” says Matthew and continues:

“The best thing about Synch is their sense for service; they take ownership where needed, always put the priority required for the mission, and are extremely responsive to our needs. In addition, they are always fast. It feels safe knowing that Synch is just a phone call away.”

Company name: Magine Pro

Title: CEO

The company's operations: Technology in the streaming world

How long have you worked with Synch: Since 2019

What you bought: Retainer & Overage

Why Synch? Their expertise in the tech industry

The company's vision: Deliver innovative video experiences

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