"The most important thing for us is to seal the deal"

The acceleration software, Howwe, helps companies proactively accelerate their strategies based on the company's most important goal - Most Important Goal, MIG.

Stina Åkesson, CFO and co-owner, began working at the company almost 13 years ago.

“I have been involved since we were consultants, and today we are a refined product company,” she says.

Using Howwe's method and software, managers and leaders within a company can identify what the most important goals (their MIGs) are in order to positively influence the company's growth. By identifying the activities that contribute to the goal, the company can ensure that all parts of the organisation work together towards a common goal.

“The point is that all departments should support the company's MIG and all departments do it in different ways. If increased sales are the most important goal for the company, then the sales department, for example, might have to contact ten companies a week,” says Stina Åkesson.

Howwe's customers include Nexer, Elitfönster, Hertz, Mimer and Botkyrkabyggen.

For a number of years now, Howwe has been getting legal help from the law firm Synch. Synch has assisted Howwe in two investment rounds with stock options, and they work together with Howwe's in-house legal department.

“Synch is used to working with start-ups and extensively in tech. Synch's experience of working with fast-growing tech companies is an advantage of the collaboration,” according to Stina Åkesson.

“For us, the important thing isn’t to get a virtuosic document demonstrating how the law firm excels with its knowledge of law. What we want is to get a signature on a contract and seal the deal. It is precisely getting the deal through that is our main and most important issue. Synch understands this,” says Stina Åkesson.

Company name: Howwe Technologies AB (publ)

Title: VP Finance and co-owner

The company's operations: Product development

How long have you worked with Synch: Four years

What you bought: Two investment rounds, as well as option programs and ongoing legal advice

Why Synch? "We want ink on the customer agreement, therefore we continue working with Synch."

The company's vision: Howwe is the first software that radically improves the user experience of strategy execution, and helps the CEO to actualise the company's strategy at all levels within the company. Our vision is to revolutionise how the world's companies and their organisations work to achieve their goals.

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