Award-winning Graphmatech AB uses WeSynch

Award-winning Swedish materials technology company Graphmatech AB develops and sells graphene-based solutions to enable a green transition. In 2021, the company sought financing and needed a virtual data room that could provide structure and better organization. The solution was found in Synch’s digital WeSynch services, especially WeSynch Corporate and WeSynch Deal.

Graphmatech was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from Uppsala University and is today developer and producer of graphene-based composite materials for storage & transportation of hydrogen, additive manufacturing and battery materials. The digital solutions from WeSynch helps keep track of contracts and other important data or information while making it easier to determine which documents need an update. In connection with the funding discussions, shareholders and investors can easily get an accurate idea of Graphmatech as all material is to be found in WeSynch Deal. Anna Sörndal is the CFO-assistant and Office Manager at Graphmatech AB and she says that organization is a must when it comes to companies reliant on finding new shareholders.

"The team from WeSynch has been very helpful and supported us on all tasks, such as adding new users to our system, sending out messages and dealing with authorizations. It’s important to us to provide this type of safety when it comes to handling our data, but being reliant on new issues and shareholders we also need to be able to show our company from this type of information so it’s an absolute necessity that everything is in order most efficiently", says Anna.

Today, WeSynch helps Graphmatech with both internal and external assortment of their documents and information using WeSynch Corporate and WeSynch Deal. They can easily decide what’s to be shared when meeting new potential investors, and they have control over the structure of the folders with regards to all internal documents as well. The Senior Financial Controller at Graphmatech, Kristina Kjellman, found it important that Graphmatech got a system that was efficient and useful while being reasonable in its pricing.

"As a startup company, we can’t put too much money into administration, but it’s still as important that it works in the best possible way. WeSynch was the perfect match for us. We get a certain amount of support, partly on how the structure should look initially but they also give us new suggestions along the way. We’ve seen this kind of technical solution before, but never with the same personal guidance and support as we get from WeSynch", says Kristina.

Kristina Kjellman has a background of working with businesses that are being bought and sold and her experience is that a structured data room could save plenty of time. Some  information required in due diligence dates back as far as 3 - 7 years, therefore it’s important to have everything in order well in advance.

"There’s always so much historical data that you need to be able to structure and easily archive. Providing a structured data room has so many benefits, especially if the company is dependent on receiving financing or looking for new investors, owned by a private equity firm or a fund where the company will change owners in a near future", says Kristina.

Would you recommend WeSynchs digital services to other companies?

"Absolutely. We really appreciate working with the WeSynch team. They are efficient, helpful, and very accessible, always just a phone call away whenever we need them. We have a great relationship with our contact at Synch and the entire team is so friendly and kind. Being a small startup company, you often experience less commitment from services than you’ll get as a major player, but Synch made everything easy and smooth for us. We would certainly recommend their digital services to other companies."

Company name: Graphmatech AB

Title: Kristina Kjellman, Senior Financial Controller

Anna Sörndal, CFO-assistant& Office Manager

Vision: “Enabling the green transition with graphene”

Worked with Synch: Since 2021

Purchased these services: Help providing a new data room with organization and structure

Why WeSynch? Organizational skills, accessibility and simplicity

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